Snapchat Beta APK Android Download [New Version Update]

It is impossible to talk about the competing social media platforms of the 21st century and not talk of Snapchat. Just like any other multimedia messaging platform, Snapchat had experienced their own fair share of challenges.

Snapchat has found it difficult to compete with the leading multimedia messaging platforms like WhatApps and the likes in the past. As such, after an optimistic speculation by the Executives, Snapchat has decided it’s time to measure up with the big boys. This post is going to be telling you about the Snapchat Beta version, and everything else you need to know about this most recent update.

Friendly UI

The developers and business analysts of Snapchat Inc. probably didn’t give User Experience that much thought when it was initially launched. That simple act of negligence resulted in users dumping the app for other multimedia messaging platforms. Which automatically translated to a significant reduction in their fan base. However, those in charge at Snapchat Inc. have decided to close that gap. Engage the latest copy of Snapchat on your android device and you’d be wowed.

Promoting user experience seem to be the focus of their newest design interface. You need to catch a glimpse of the new version of Snapchat; the app has really come of age.

Easy navigation

There has also been a great improvement as to how users navigate the app. Navigation happens to be one of the reasons why users had to trash the app for its rivals, according to a survey that was recently carried out by the company. You need to see how the navigation has been structured in this recent update. The formula for smart navigation is simple – accomplish so much with very little navigation.

The Snapchat family have done their homework very well, and now users can have all the fun they want without having to struggle too much in their navigations.

Larger network

One of the motives of social media networks is to help users create relationships with other users in a fun and engaging kind of way. The newest Snapchat app is not just about better UI and UX. But they’ve also made the app to be more accommodating, which will encourage more people to download and install it right away. Having a bigger fan base has always been one of the main objectives of the company.

So if you are looking to meet more friends as well as hang out with your buddies in a fun platform, then Snapchat could just be on the cards.

Snapchat Beta APK For Android File Details

App Name Snapchat
Price Free
Requires Android Version 4.2 and up
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Snapchat Beta APK For Android Download

Snapchat Beta APK is finally out for Android. It has been keenly requested for; hence, the least you can do is download, install and enjoy all the latest features that come with the app before a more stable version will be produced.