Moviebox App for Android 2018 [Latest Version Update Free Download]

Smartphones combined with powerful apps are taking entertainment to a whole new level. Plus, the drastic improvement in mobile technology and software apps is making it easier for people to have all the fun they want in the world of  entertainment. We are no longer in the era when people missed their favorite TV programs merely because they got stuck in traffic. Now, viewers worry less about how they can follow exciting TV shows. Why should they? There are more convenient ways of catching up with the fun.

Are you already guessing where we are going with this discussion? Well, this is about Moviebox App for Android. This is one of the most dependable apps for Android when it comes to following your best entertainment programs. Let’s start by knowing why you need Moviebox App for your entertainment convenience.

Moviebox App for Android 2018

Why Moviebox?

Moviebox is entirely free for download. You don’t have to do any subscription before you can download it onto your device. There are many more apps that are emerging on the Google Play Store and other sources for this same purpose, but they tend to have their limitations, making them not so suitable for the expected use. If you are the type that gets annoyed easily when you see any unnecessary Ad on your app, then you can count on Moviebox, as it does not pop up any Ads in the process of use.

Free usage

You have to give kudos to movie streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos because they are doing a great job to get their subscribers served with the best of media contents on for mobile devices. However, if you are looking to patronize these services, you need to worry about one thing – can you afford it? This is where the Moviebox app for Android can come in handy. Moviebox won’t cost you a dime when you are streaming your favorite contents.

More features

Being free for download is not the only good thing that comes with Moviebox. There are a lot of other enticing features that may prompt you to prefer this app to others. Ranging from its simple user interface, a downloadable offline feature to allowing you share movies, I doubt if there will be anything else you would be looking for in any Android app that provides media content streaming services.

Most of these content streaming services work very well in areas where there is a fast internet connection. Hence, a couple of them do not work well in areas where the network connection is slow. The developers of Moviebox are well aware of this challenge, so they took care of it. Moviebox has an option that allows you to stream videos with a slow internet connection without experiencing any distortion in your viewing.

Listed below is a re-run of the features of Moviebox app for Android in case you missed out any in the above section:

  • An extensive database that is up to date with the latest movies.
  • Zero cost for download and usage
  • Friendly user interface
  • No annoying advertisements
  • Stream your contents the way you want it (High or low quality)
  • Download movies offline so you can watch them later
  • Search option that enables you to locate your best movies easily
  • No registration before you can use the app
  • Get involved with the movie community and make worthy reviews
  • It contains subtitles in various languages.
  • A pause feature that allows you to continue your movie from wherever you left off
  • Share your favorite videos with loved ones.

Download Moviebox APK 2018 for Android

Unlike most other apks, the Moviebox APK is not on the Play Store. No thanks to Google and their policies. But you can download the Moviebox latest APK 2018 update from the below link.


App Name Moviebox / Showbox
Version V2.0.58
Size 4.9Mb
Price Free
Requires Android Version 4.0 and up
Package Name
Content Rating
Get it on Play Store
Moviebox APK Download

After you download the file, your next concern will be how to install it on your Android mobile device. The installation is quite straightforward, provided you enable your device to execute apps from Unknown sources. This can be done when you go to Settings, navigate to General Settings, click on Applications, and finally enable Unknown Sources. If you are through with this exercise, you can install your Moviebox right away.

Get closer to great movies today with the help of Moviebox app for Android Download and install Moviebox APK on your device, and you’d be fingertips away from redefining your entertainment experience.